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FRoSt Lab
Field Robotic Systems Lab

AUV Testing Facility and Resources

A state-of-the-art testing tank facility and resources for frequent on- and off-campus in-water testing of AUVs and associated algorithms.

On-campus Test-tank Facility

To support on-campus testing of AUVs and associated autonomy, estimation, and perception algorithms the FRoSt lab maintains a test tank facility consisting of a 20ft x 30ft x 6ft indoor test tank.

To support the operation of the tank, the AUV testing facility includes an operations platform, overhead hoist, water filtration, and necessary computing systems to perform on-campus testing of AUV systems.

This on-campus facility enables initial and frequent testing of developed systems and methods in preparation for in-situ testing in lakes, reservoirs, and ocean field trials.

Off-campus Field Testing Resources

In addition, to the on-campus test tank facility, the FRoSt lab has access to multiple university-owned boats that can be used for frequent in-situ testing in nearby reservoirs and lakes. The boundaries of the state of Utah in particular include over 600 lakes and reservoirs that can be used for testing.

The FRoSt lab additionally plans regular field trials on both the east and west coasts to support in-ocean testing.